We connect professional volunteers in the UK with small businesses in their area. 

"Non-essential" small businesses are particularly vulnerable as most do not have the liquidity to last without income for more than a few months. Survival of businesses is key to getting the UK economy back on track post COVID-19. 

Whether you are a bakery or a yoga studio, we can connect you with volunteers in your area for free advice and consultation. Our volunteers are providing their services strictly pro bono. 

Our volunteers can help with:

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Commercial Lease Restructuring

Loan Restructuring

Liquidity Management / Budgeting

Business Plan Formulation / Strategic Planning

Data Analytics


Digitization (ie. going online)


About us

We are a group of UK-based volunteers who wanted to do our part in this crisis by contributing our skillsets to support our local artist studios, cafes, and clothing stores. 

Our volunteers have varied backgrounds, including commercial real estate, operations, consulting, debt restructuring, and private equity. 

If you're interested in joining us in leading this initiative combating the coronavirus, contact us at hello@covid-19initiative.org! 


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